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Just a sample of the things our clients say about us!

The Animal Nanny has given consistent, helpful service to our family.  Our dog is happy and healthy thanks to his daily walks.  Marna has been great at making sure our schedule is covered by caring, honest walkers.  He gets lots of one on one attention.  Thanks for making things easy! - Linda Lorenz, Fremont

We really do appreciate all of the care and attention you had for our dogs. They seemed very well adjusted when we came home.
-A.C and P.C., Fremont

Thank you so much! I know Chubbs loves you guys and I didn't have to worry about his care.
-J.K., Union City

Thanks so much for all your help! You did a wonderful job and helped calm our nerves about Chaka while we were away. We truly appreciate it.
-I.V., Fremont

We want to thank you so much for your service performed so excellently! We are keenly aware of the "last minute squeeze" we were and appreciate you making room for us in your busy schedule. We are definiitely pleased with your "nanny" service and will keep you on file should we need your services in the future. Thanks again for a job well done!
-J.S., Fremont

Sandy and Roxie and us appreciate the great care you have given them. They seem happy and well fed. They really enjoy the walks - if you haven't noticed.
-P.J. and B.J., Fremont

Thank you for taking such wonderful care of Meeko and Belle.
-K.B., Fremont

Thank you for caring for and playing with our cats. They were very relaxed when we came home. Also, thank you for watering our plants, picking up the newspapers and turning the lights on. It was easier for us to enjoy our vacation knowing our cats were well taken care of.
-M.P. and M.P., Union City

Thanks for everything! The pups and fish are happy as can be (as are we)!!! I'm sure we'll be calling again in the near future. Thanks for calling about the aquarium. It's fine now. It's great to know how conscientious you are!!!
-C.A. and C.A., Fremont

Thank you so much for visiting Max last week on such short notice. Knowing you were here to spend a little time with our pooch made it much easier to relax during our event.
-S.G. and S.G., Fremont

Thank you very much for helping by taking care of Astro and Pixel. They both looked happy, unlike when we used to leave them in the kennel! Thanks also for picking up the mail. Thanks, again, for a job well done!
-S.M., Fremont

Thank you so much for taking care of Mauri while we were away. He looks great!
-M.R. and J.R., Fremont

Thank you so much for looking in on Rocky so soon after the quake. We will not hesitate to call on you again or recommend you.
-R.T., Fremont

Thank you so much for taking such good care of the bunnies, the fish and the eel. We will call you again!
-P.A., Union City

Thank you for taking good care of my kitties, birds and home. I know Jasper really liked the attention he received.
-E.C., Fremont

Thanks so much for taking care of my "kids". Max looks dashing in his 4th of July bandana! He seems happy we are home and certainly content. Thanks for being so vigilant.
-S.P., Fremont

Thanks for making a special trip to take care of Sonny this weekend. You are super - always there for the pack! We appreciate your dedication.
-J.S. and M.M., Fremont

Spunky says Thank You for taking such good care of her.
-L.F., Fremont

You did such a wonderful job! Thanks again!
-J.E. and J.E., Fremont

Thanks for taking Bella out, even on hot days. She's got a lot of energy and I'm glad she obeyed you. We'll definitely call you again when we need you. I think Bella will be looking for you for a while at the front door. Thanks again.
-J.P., Fremont

Thank you for taking great care of Whiskey!
-R.D., Fremont

Thanks for your help. Casper said he appreciated the company.
-C.G., Union City

Once again, thank you for taking such loving care of Taz and Kendall. It is a relief to know that they are in such good hands and care when we are out of town.
-A.M. and D.M., Union City

Thank you very much for the excellent care that you provided for Silas and Zeke!
-A.G., Fremont

The Animal Nanny has three branches serving the Bay Area!

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